Silicone Neon
1.High luminous efficiency, unique optical light distribution structure, uniform and soft lighting, dot-free and no shadow.
2.High light transmittance, food-grade environmental silicone material, with good flexibility and stylish appearance, exquisite and unique.
3.IP67, with resistances to saline solutions, acids & alkalis, corrosive gases, fire and UV.
4.Top bend and side bend, limitless application.
5.Convenient cutting any length with cutting window.
6.Adopt integrated silicone extrusion two molding technology to ensure a good product.
●Max Bending: LED Neon light minimum diameter of 200mm
●Neon flex strip light,Yellowing resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
●Uniform and Dot-Free Light.
●Enviromental Friendly and High Quality Material.
●Material: Silicone LED Neon light.
●Working/Storage Temperature: Ta:-20~60°C / 0°C~60°C.
●Lifespan: 50000H, 3 years warranty

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Neon flex strip light Parameter:
Product Name:               Silicone Neon
Size:                               H12*W20mm
CRI:                                80/90
Color                               2700K-6000K
Beam angle                    120°
Efficiency                        60-70lm/w
Wattage                          5w/10W/15W
Input voltage                   DC12V/DC24V
Cut unit                           25mm(12v)/50mm(24v)

Silicone Neon
Silicone Neon Accessories:
Silicone Neon                Silicone Neon
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Silicone Neon