DMX RGB / RGBW LED NEON lights let you create millions of colors by mixing 3 or 4 colors.
With the ability to control each individual pixel and each individual channel,the color mix and color effects possibilities are endless.
Compatible with DMX512 protocol.
Adopting RS485 signal trunk and signal differential transmission mode to ensure stronger ablility of anti-interference and longer transmission distance.
Auto matically addressing with editor
led neon rgb features:
●Enviromental Friendly and High Quality Material.
●Working/Storage Temperature: Ta:-20~60°C / 0°C~60°C.
●Lifespan: 50000H, 3 years warranty
●silicone led neon 1220, side lighting,IP67, Silicone integrated extrusion molding technique;
●DC24V,horizontal bending,3 outlet ways: front outlet/side outlet/bottom outlet;
●pixel neon mini bending diameter:200mm, Size:12mm*20mm/(W*H),IP67 waterproof;
●Anti-yellowing, anti-UV, salt and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, uniform luminescence, no spot, can be shaped into different shapes, suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting;
●have solderless plug,can be installed quickly and easily to meet the needs of different lengths, without welding wire and waterproof treatment;
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led neon rgb product specification:
pixel neon cable outlet:
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