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LED Neon light4
1. Soft uniform light,high light efficiency and color temperature consistency without light spots.
2.Using High-quality silicone cover,high temperature resistance,can be used in bad weather
3. Anti-corrosion,acid and alkalietccan
4. Has good waterproof performance.
5.Good flexibility,easy to bend,easy to shape
6.Three anti-break processes
●LED Neon light Max Bending: minimum diameter of 100mm
●Led neon flexible,Yellowing resistance, UV resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
●Uniform and Dot-Free Light.
●Enviromental Friendly and High Quality Material.
●Material: Silicon.
●Working/Storage Temperature: Ta:-30~55°C / 0°C~60°C.
●Lifespan: 35000H, 3 years warranty.
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Neon Strip Parameter:
Product Name:               Led neon
Chip type:                       SMD2835
CRI:                                80/90
Color                              2700K-6500K
Beam angle                    120°
Efficiency                        78-90lm/w
Wattage                         10w/m
Input voltage                  DC12V/DC24V
Cut unit                          25mm(12v)/50mm(24v)

LED Neon light4 LED Neon light4 LED Neon light4
                                 LED Neon light Dimension                                                LED Neon light bending

Neon Strip applications
LED Neon light4